ONS Leadership Process

oncology nursing leadership

Leadership Information

Every year, new officers are selected to serve a three-year term on the ONS Board of Directors. Interested candidates are welcome to reach out to the current members of the ONS Board of Directors to better understand these commitments on a more individualistic level. 

Meet the Incoming Directors-At-Large


Deborah “Hutch” Allen, PhD, RN, CNS, FNP-BC, AOCNP®

Nurse Scientist, Director of Nursing Research & EBP
Pittsboro, NC (home), Durham, NC (work)


Kris Mathey, MS, APRN-CNP, AOCNP®

APP Clinical Educator, Manager and Fellowship Director, GI Medical Oncology, Nurse Practitioner
Hilliard, OH


Jeanene (Gigi) Robison, MSN, APRN, AOCN®

Oncology Clinical Education Specialist
Cincinnati, OH

Meet the ONS Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee consists of seven members, appointed by the ONS Board of Directors, who oversee all of ONS's leadership development initiatives. The committee's objectives are to:

  • Identify potential and emerging leaders within the ONS membership 
  • Support and mentor members interested in national leadership 
  • Provide leadership and governance resources 
  • Recruit and slate candidates for the ONS Board of Directors 

Committee Members 

Chip Bailey

Donald “Chip” Bailey, PhD, RN, FAAN
Committee Chair (2021-2023)
Durham, NC 

Chip Bailey has been ONS member since 1994, and is an Associate Professor at Duke University School of Nursing In Durham NC. He has served ONS in a number of roles to inlude, member of the Scientific & Research Advocacy subgroup of the Research Advisory Panel, Coordinator of the Advanced Nursing Research Special Interest Group (now Community), member of the Mentorship Task Force, and as an at-large member of the ONS Board of Directors. Recently he represented ONS on the national planning committee for the Symptom Science Advances in Oncology Nursing Colloquium. Chip is the Chair of the Leadership Development Committee.

Barb Gobel

Barbara Holmes Gobel, MS, RN, AOCN®, FAAN 
Committee Member (2020-2023)
Western Springs, IL 

Marlon Garzo Saria

Marlon Garzo Saria, PhD, RN, FAAN 
Committee Member (2020-2023)
Santa Monica, CA 

Marlon Garzo Saria, an ONS member since 2001, is the Director of Clinical Education and Professional Development at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California. He has served ONS in multiple roles, starting with being a chapter president for San Diego, a member of the Congress Planning Committee, and was elected to the ONS Board of Directors. He received the distinguished Pearl Moore Making a Difference Award in 2007. Currently, he also serves as an Assistant Chief of Nursing Services in U.S. Air Force.

Angela Adjetey Appiah

Angela Adjetey Appiah, PhD, DNP, MPH, RN, COA, FAACM
Committee Member (2021 - 2024)
Tappan, NY

Angela Adjetey Appiah has been a member of ONS since 1998. She is a member of the ONS Leadership Development Committee. Angela was one of the founding members of the Rockland County ONS chapter and has served both locally and nationally on different ONS engagements. Angela has been in oncology nursing for over 21 years in various roles. She represents oncology nursing on other global forums such as ISNCC and ICEC. She has presented and published extensively on various topics.


Annette Galassi, RN, MA, OCN

Annette Galassi, RN, MA, OCN®
Committee Member (2021 - 2024)
Rockville, MD


Committee Member (2022-2025)
Louisville, KY

Monica Key has been an ONS member since 2008 and is the Program Manager for the global oncology ARIA Program at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She has served ONS in numerous volunteer and consulting roles in the past. Monica is a published author in various peer-reviewed health care journals. Has served as an expert content writer/editor and professional speaker for various organizations. Received many local and national awards for contributions in health care and community service. She is an experienced oncology health care professional with 20+ year prior career in business administration advising national, regional and local organizations as well as possessing over a decade of  experience in direct oncology patient care as a dual-certified oncology nurse practitioner.

Jeanie Rosiak, DNP, RN, ANP-BC, AOCNP®, CBCN®

Jeanie Rosiak, DNP, RN, ANP-BC, AOCNP®, CBCN®
Committee Member (2022-2025)
Waukesha, WI

Jeanie Rosiak has been an ONS member for over 45 years. She has held various leadership positions in ONS including Steering Council member and chair, Nominating Committee member and chair, and Director-at-Large on the ONS Board. Jeanie works as a Nurse Practitioner in a Comprehensive Breast Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



New and Improved Process

In January 2022, a new bylaw was approved by the membership regarding how the Board of Directors roles are filled, moving from a below-average voter participation election, to a process for an approved slate. 

This new process is used by many other membership organizations, and will better support ONS’s ability to ensure the Board of Directors continue to represent the diverse population we serve while also ensuring the balance of competencies exists as selected Board members and the landscape continuously change. The approved slate would also ensure that the most qualified and diverse group of people and perspectives represent our membership. 


How To Get Involved

You can become part of the vital group of leaders who shape the future of ONS. Each year, positions are available for candidates for our nationally elected office. Learn more about our slating process or on our downloadable printout

Slating Process Overview

Step 1: Express Interest in Future Leadership

  • Connect with a Leadership Development Committee (LDC) member.
  • Attend ONS conferences to network and meet the LDC.
  • Participate in local chapter meetings.
  • Complete the Leadership Interest Questionnaire.

Step 2: Understand Your Leadership Skills and Opportunities

  • Complete the Leadership Competencies Self-Assessment.
  • Meet with an LDC member to discuss how to progress.

Step 3: Submit a Notification of Intent

The first step in applying to be considered for the ONS Board of Directors is to complete a notification of intent (NOI). The Leadership Development Committee (LDC) will review your NOI and be in contact with you in regards to completing a full application. Please do not complete a full application unless directed by the LDC to do so.

  • If you feel you are ready, submit the Notification of Intent (NOI) and your curriculum vitae. 

Step 4: Submit Board of Directors Application

An LDC member will contact you in regards to your NOI. If invited to apply, you will submit a full application. The application includes:

Step 5: LDC Selects Candidates for Slate

  • Your full application and interview are reviewed by the LDC. All candidates are scored on a standardized rubric, and skills, qualifications, and experiences are weighed against the needs of the Board of Directors and the Society.

Step 6: Director-at-Large Selection

  • The LDC presents the slate of selected candidates to the Board of Directors.
  • The Board votes to approve the slate.
  • Upon approval of the presented slate, the LDC Chair will notify all candidates of the results. New directors are announced to the ONS membership.