ONS Center for Advocacy and Health Policy

When you work with people living with cancer on a daily basis, you have a unique perspective. These are the insights that policy makers need to hear.

ONS advocacy and policy

Our members frequently testify before Congress, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the National Institutes of Health. The legislative action workshops that ONS hosts enable you to partner with legislators and share your real-life experiences.

  • Health Policy Priorities and Agenda

    Our three current goals are to preserve and promote oncology nurses’ practice to the full scope of their ability, improve the quality of cancer care, and advocate for payment models that incorporate the work of oncology nurses and positively impact oncology practice.

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  • Position Statements

    We take a stand on the healthcare issues that affect oncology nurses. Each of our position statements is spurred by member interest and developed by a diverse, unbiased committee of experts, including the ONS Board of Directors. We don’t seek or accept commercial support for writing, printing, and/or disseminating these positions.

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  • Advocacy Webinars and Podcasts

    ONS engages oncology nurses throughout the country, connecting them virtually to elected officials, policy leaders, and decision makers via video conferencing, telephone interviews, and podcasts.

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  • Health Policy Resources

    We rely on a network of U.S. federal agencies and nonprofit organizations to stay ahead of advances in cancer care—and so can you. Here are some of the trustworthy institutions whose news, research, and policy decisions affect oncology nurses.

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  • Health Policy Coalitions

    Because we're stronger together, ONS is an active member of the following health policy coalitions. 

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  • Public Health Issues

    ONS closely monitors the following public health issues to benefit the oncology nursing community. 

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  • Advocacy and Healthy Policy Events

    Learn more about the ONS Center for Advocacy and Health Policy Events such as Health Policy Summits and Capitol Hill Days.

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