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The Development and Implementation of an Effective Outpatient Oncology New Graduate Nurse Orientation Program

Karla Lambson

Kerri A. Dalton

Cindy Bohlin

Meg Helsley

new graduate RN, outpatient oncology, oncology transition to practice
CJON 2023, 27(6), 677-680. DOI: 10.1188/23.CJON.677-680

Historically, outpatient oncology settings have not hired new graduate RNs (NG-RNs). However, with staffing shortages, outpatient oncology clinics have hired NG-RNs who required orientation from formal onboarding programs. Using a mix of didactic instruction, hands-on rotation experiences, and nursing leadership support, an NG-RN orientation program was developed to attract, support, and professionally train NG-RNs in the outpatient setting. Based on this program’s results, NG-RNs improved their competence and confidence within their first year of practice in the outpatient oncology setting.


  • NG-RNs can be effectively prepared to practice in the outpatient oncology setting with a structured orientation program.
  • Providing specialized training to outpatient preceptors is a critical aspect of an orientation program and can facilitate NG-RNs’ confidence.
  • Long-term nursing retention rates may improve with the development of a dedicated orientation for outpatient NG-RNs. 
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