Telephone Triage for Oncology Nurses (Third Edition)

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Healthcare improvements have shifted cancer care from the inpatient to outpatient settings. This change in healthcare delivery presents new challenges for professional nurses familiar only with the traditional inpatient model. As healthcare trends away from the hospital, telephone triage has become an essential tool for indirect patient care.

The third edition of Telephone Triage for Oncology Nurses gives an updated look at this process, including new insights into patient care needs that result from newer cancer treatments, such as targeted and immunotherapies, as well as how updated technologies, including smartphones and Internet communication platforms, have enhanced patient assessment. With new chapters on nursing management of oral therapies and updated protocols using the latest policies and evidence-based practice, nurses of all experience levels can use this book as an essential resource for learning the telephone nursing role.


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Introduction | Overview

Margaret Hickey
Includes the book's introduction and an overview of telemedicine, telenursing, and a component of telenursing, telephone triage.

Models of Telephone Triage and Use of Guidelines

Sharon Steingass
Madelaine Binner
Examines the models of telephone triage and the use of guidelines. Included is a reveiw of care delivery models of telephone nursing, as well as an explanation of factors that influence telephone nursing care models and processes.

Setting Up a Telephone Triage Call Center

Mary Ann Plambeck
Examines issues surrounding setting-up a telephone triage call center, including knowing the current state of the business, what is anticipated for the future, where employees will work, the physical work environment, technology, and the skill mix of...

Telephone Triage Protocols - A-C

Darcy Burbage
Joyce Jackowski
Deborah Metzkes
Rebecca Collins
Mary Murphy
Victoria Wochna Loerzel
Sharon Rockwell
Nicole Korak
Elizabeth Abernathy
Heather Thompson Mackey
Includes protocols on alopecia, alterations in sexuality, anorexia, antibiotic therapy problems, anxiety, bleeding, bone loss, confusion/change in level of consciousness, constipation, and cough.

Telephone Triage Protocols - D-E

Mary Murphy
Mary K. Hughes
Kerri A. Dalton
Gary Shelton
Laura B. Houchin
Pamela H. Carney
Jackie Matthews
Karen Feldmeyer
Heather Thompson Mackey
Includes protocols on deep vein thrombosis, depressed mood, diarrhea, difficulty or pain with urination, dizziness, dysgeusia (taste dysfunction), dysphagia, dyspnea, and esophagitis.

Telephone Triage Protocols - F-H

Pamela H. Carney
Victoria Wochna Loerzel
Tayreez Mushani
Jeanene “Gigi” Robison
Rita Wickham
Gary Shelton
Erin J. Ross
Includes protocols on fatigue, fever with neutropenia, fever without neutropenia, flu-like symptoms, hand-foot syndrome, headache, hematuria, hemoptysis, and hiccups (singultus).

Telephone Triage Protocols - I-O

Heather Vanderploeg
Susan Newton
Jane Clark
Deborah Metzkes
Lori Lindsey
Pamela J. Pearson
Michele Farrington
Sharon Baumler
Includes protocols on immune-related adverse events, lymphedema, malignant ascities, menopausal symptoms, myalgia and arthralgia, nausea and vomiting, and oral mucositis.

Telephone Triage Protocols - P-Z

Jeannine M. Brant
Nicole Korak
Jeanene “Gigi” Robison
Gary Shelton
Beth Eaby-Sandy
Lisa Blackburn
Andrea Bales
Lynne Brophy
Misty Lamprecht
Jackie Matthews
Karen Feldmeyer
Protocols include pain, paresthesia (peripheral neuropathy), phlebitis, pruritus (itch), rash, seizures, sleep-wake disturbances, venous access device problems, and xerostomia (dry mouth).